Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Another wonderful insurance program Spartan Planning Agency offers is recreational vehicle insurance! We certainly have an appreciation for the RV lifestyle, which is why we’ll find you reliable coverage at affordable rates.

From RVs, motor homes, campers and travel-trailers, we can help you acquire valuable insurance so you’re covered. Remember, your recreational vehicle may not be safeguarded by your auto insurance. It’s simply more than an automobile, therefore it should have more than just a typical auto insurance policy. 

Securing specific insurance for your RV will give you a calm peace of mind while you’re out on the road!

RV insurance does indeed have many identical coverage options to auto insurance, such as bodily-injury liability, uninsured/underinsured motorist, property damage liability, collision and personal injury protection. 

A key component of a recreational vehicle insurance policy is comprehensive coverage. This provides protection for any sudden losses stemming from collisions, fires, floods, vandalism, landslides, overhangs, low branches and theft, among others. 

However, many auto insurance policies lack comprehensive coverage for personal items, with homeowners’ insurance policies imposing strict limits on coverage and substantial initial deductibles. RV insurance will give you the appropriate comprehensive coverage, plus a deductible may not be required.

You can also receive coverage for your attached accessories regarding your recreational vehicle. This includes television antennas, satellite dishes and awnings.

Spartan Planning Agency can also help you procure additional coverages to your policy to tailor it to your specific needs. While the selection of added coverages is vast, several remain among the most popular.

A total-loss replacement option is available, as it will protect your RV from depreciation ramifications. Stemming from your recreational vehicle’s age, we may be able to replace it with a new RV or one of similar value in the event of it being destroyed. 

Should your RV break down and need roadside assistance and/or towing, you can opt to include this in your policy and not be concerned with purchasing an individual towing plan. Whether you need a jump-start, fuel delivery, flat tire change or a locksmith, this option will help cover you.

In the case of an emergency occurring and your rig being damaged to where you need funding for lodging, Spartan Planning Agency has an option to insure you. We can also provide coverage for liability during the times you are parked and residentially occupying your recreational vehicle.
Spartan Planning Agency takes pride in finding a policy with options that considers each of our clients’ individual needs throughout the state of New Jersey. Contact us today at (856) 423–4561 so we can help you discover the best recreational vehicle insurance plan for you!

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